Terms And Conditions of Spinber

Terms And Conditions of Spinber is a binding agreement between (us) CD Tech Innovations Private Limited, hereinafter referred to as “Spinber” and the user (you) or the entity (yours) on whose behalf this Agreement is executed. This Agreement governs the user’s use of any and every service and/or support provided by Spinber, including all the plans, machines, cloud servers, data centres, and any other services.

This Agreement will be in effect as soon as the user purchases or accesses any kind of product/service and it will be in effect even when the user cancels the Service. Only Spinber has all the rights to close the user’s account and discharge the user from the contract.

As soon as the user purchases any machine or use any service (includes service assistance also) the user is legally bound to all the terms and conditions of this Agreement. And so it is wise to read the agreement carefully before signing up with any Spinber account or purchasing any machine from the site. The user is bound to all the conditions mentioned in this agreement until his/her account has been terminated or closed by Spinber and the confirmation has been sent by email to the registered mail-ID. The user may begin to use the services if only "the user agrees to have read, understood, and consented" to be bound by this agreement.

No Refunds

Spinber does not provide any guarantee or warranty on any of its products and services. As every machine is particularly customised and assigned to the users according to their requirements, the server once assigned cannot be reallocated to another person until the allocated machine expires or is terminated by Spinber. Spinber is not liable to provide any refund under any circumstances.

Payment Options

Payment to Spinber can be made online. The amount has to be prepaid which goes month by month.

Cancellation policy

As every payment on Spinber is prepaid, the service for the current month will not be affected. Cancellation of a server or PC will only take effect from the next month the user cancels the plan. It will not be cancelled within the current billing cycle.

Remote Access

Remote Access is provided over RDP, VNC or Web browser. There is no guaranteed access through a particular method. It varies depending on the type of machine (i.e., Windows PC or Linux server).

System Performance

All of our machines have ultra-high performance, however, the performance is not guaranteed for any particular scenario. Performance may also vary according to the configuration of the device used. Specific Machines and plans need to be purchased depending on the desired usage scenario. The sales team is available for guidance on the plan to choose during office hours.


All of our products, services and machines may only be used for lawful purposes. Usage of any products or services which violates any law or regulations of the country or state is strictly prohibited. Publication and transmission of any offensive or indecent information, or data, or threatening information of any kind is non-acceptable. Spinber prohibits the user to use its resources and products to advertise any prohibited type of content, copyrighted content, profane or obscene content, content that stimulates violation and violence of any kind, illegal content, content that stimulates copyright or trademark infringement. Spinber will not be responsible for any such content and the responsibility of the content which is distributed will belong solely to the user. Spinber reserves the right to terminate the user’s account if any such violation is being detected. Users involving in any kind of hacking/ illegal activity will be liable for any judicial action. Spinber is not responsible to keep copies or backups of customer data. Although we have redundant infrastructure in place, the user has the options to purchase additional backup services by contacting the sales team.

Disclaimer of Warranty

The user’s use of any products or services of Spinber is at his/her sole risk. All of the machines and services of Spinber are provided on an as-is basis. Spinber makes no warranties of any kind, whether expressed, statutory, or implied for any of the services provided under this Agreement and expressly disclaims the same. The servers, machines, software, accounts, and every product of Spinber is provided on an as-is basis and without any kind of warranty. If any machine or product gets damaged while the user is using it, the user will be held responsible to pay for the damage as quoted by Spinber.

Type of Agreement

The relationship between the user and Spinber is independent. No agency, or joint venture, or franchiser-franchisee relationship is created by this Agreement. The user is prohibited from assigning or transferring this Agreement in whole or in part to any third party without the consent of Spinber. The user’s right to use any machine or service provided by Spinber is not transferable and is subject to the limits established by Spinber.

All the information regarding the user’s account and the user’s preferred server and the user’s subscription will be sent to the user via email. Spinber has the right to modify the terms and conditions of this Agreement. The user also agrees that Spinber has the right to modify the prices of any product or service governed by this Agreement or discontinue any service with or without prior notification.

As the user signs up with Spinber, the user must ensure that he/she is obliged to acknowledge and agree to be bound by all the terms and conditions mentioned above. The user also must acknowledge that he/she shall indemnify Spinber, and shall be responsible for any liability arising out of the misinterpretation of the stated Terms and Conditions.

If you have any queries regarding the stated Terms and Conditions, you may write to [email protected].