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Start providing deciated servers and Cloud services with your own infrastructure

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Spinber On-premise

Spinber is a unique hardware equipment that enables physical and virtual computing machines ranging from Desktops to Servers of different kinds from different locations to be securely exposed and monetized. Get started with monetizing your infrastructure today.Get in touch with a consultant at +91-9789-9789-81

Quick Activation

Quick Activation

Instantly spin up machines and get them activated in a matter of minutes.

Azure Connect

Optional Azure Connect

Get machines connected to the Azure network.

API Driven

API Driven

Spinber API's to get machines spinning up directly from the code.

Remote Access

Remote Access

Let your customers access your machine from anywhere remotely via the browser or RDP

Amazon Direct

Optional Amazon Direct

AWS routing minus the high costs of having infrastructure at AWS.

Super Fast Performance

Offer Multiple Services

Let your clients enjoy different services from dedicated servers, VPS's, Streaming services to a variety of cloud based services.


100% Private

Setup each resource with it's own dedicated public ip and high speed internet with access fully dedicated to each customer.

Fully Automated

Fully Automated

Streaming servers, hosting servers, Kubernetes and Cloud services are fully automated. They start getting allocated the moment it's spun from the spinber panel.


iMacs, Mac mini's and Mac pro's for

Final Cut pro

Start owning
your IT resources
using Spinber

Live Streaming

Live Streaming Machines

Enable clients to order live streaming servers and allow them to get instant access to systems capable of doing high quality live streaming, encoding and transcoding.

Graphic Design

Graphic Design Machines

Allow clients to order remote graphic design systems without the hassle of installing applications and managing licenses.

Video Editing

Video Editing Machines

Enable your clients to order a video editing machines and be free of worrying about installing applications and managing licenses.

GPU Powered

GPU Powered

Machines with a variety of GPU acceleration options to enable professional video editing, mixing and live streaming


Multimedia ready

Remote connection along with Video and Audio access through the browser.

Get started now.

Own a fleet of servers
and manage your clients with ease.

Direct Support

Ability to provide phone and e-mail from support personnel in the facility.

Online 24x7

Provide 24x7 uptime for your clients.