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About Us

Who We Are

Spinber is a product of CD Tech Innovations Private Limited established in 2020.

With a long history in rendering Cloud server solutions, CD Tech Innovations Private Limited has taken the innovative approach in renting out IP Infrastructure- High-Power Machines made accessible from anywhere in the world after the successful launch and distribution of Livebox and IVB7 range of products.

Infrastructure is our strength. We have the best infrastructure and we continue to build bigger infrastructure projects within the company to provide better service.

We encourage our customers to contact us and provide any feedback or suggestions regarding emerging needs in this area and we will be happy to take your thoughts into our process of innovating new technologies and products as we continue to grow.

Who we are

Our Goals

To give instant access to powerful computative machines at any time from anywhere.

Our Goals
Our Goals

Our vision is to become the largest IP Infrastructure provider to be able to satisfy the needs of our clients.

To provide our customers with instant access to powerful computative machines at any time from anywhere so they can focus on their business while we focus on their infrastructure

To allow customers to run any kind of compute-demanding applications to effectively complete their tasks in the most productive way possible, in-essence allowing customers to focus on their work while having a machine work for them 24/7.

Our Strengths

Delivering the best services.

Unlike the normal trend of buying and renting or buying and selling, CD Tech Innovations follows a completely different approach. Every product is engineered and designed in-house before being used to provide service to clients.

Over 70% of the services used by clients run on products engineered by the company. This not only enables the company to have a comparative advantage but also allows us to provide an atmosphere of research and innovation within the company.