Privacy Policy of Spinber

The "Privacy Policy" of Spinber states how we(Spinber) collect your(the user’s) information and use your details to improve the performance of the website and our services. To ensure better collaboration, we request you to read our privacy policy carefully to understand how we collect your information, use, and protect the details for extending our services.

What kind of information do we collect?

Your PII, that is, "Personally Identifiable Information", is the data that we collect to identify you. Basically, it includes information including your name, contact number, email address, residential address, and other particulars that will be required to improve our services.

How do we collect your personal information?
Why do we collect your information?
What do we do with your Transaction Details?

Your transactions are safely processed through a gateway provider. All of your payments and renewals are automatically charged. If you like to cancel your subscription, you need to cancel it before the end of the month. Your account details and subscription information are kept confidential with Spinber.

Do we use Cookies?

Spinber uses cookies in order to understand your preferences and track your interests. We also use cookies to improve User experiences and when you turn off cookies, it may affect your site experience.

How do we protect your information?

Spinber is securely encrypted in order to protect the information of our customers. The details you enter are secured and are maintained confidential. Your bank details and credit information and all the sensitive details are safely protected with SSL encryption. Thus your information is safe with us. We constantly monitor and improve our website to make it more safe and secure.

How do we share your information?

We may use and share information about the users with our partners. We may share your information with third-party vendors and service providers that help to provide our services, for promotional and marketing purposes, and to provide you with information relevant to you such as software updates, special offers, or other information. We may share your information with third-party advertising partners to present you with advertisements that may interest you.

You are responsible for the information you provide. We request you to sign up after reading our Terms And Conditions and our Privacy policies completely to ensure that you comply with all the stated protocols. If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy or Spinber's data use, and disclosure practices, please contact us at [email protected]